PMBRC researcher scoops top prize at WIT research day

A postgraduate researcher in the PMBRC won the prize for best Ph.D. poster at the WIT research day today. Larry Fitzhenry, whose poster was entitled “Smart polymers for the targeted delivery and selective sensing of corticosteroids” was picked out of a total of 17 posters in the Ph.D. category across all schools at WIT. In all, six PMBRC researchers presented posters at the research day in areas including polymer science, organic synthesis, inorganic chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis. In addition Dr. Wayne Cummins and Dr. Sheila Donegan gave presentations on ocular drug delivery and microemulsion chromatography respectively. Larry will present his work at the upcoming 6th International Conference on Molecular Imprinting taking place in New Orleans in August.

The research day showcased the research and innovation taking place at WIT. Further details are available at