PMBRC Researcher Awarded IRC Grant

A PMBRC Researcher was awarded a New Foundation grant from the Irish Research Council (IRC) last week. The scheme supports researchers to pursue research, networking and dissemination activities across the diversity of disciplines.

Dr. Laurence Fitzhenry received funding to develop “OcuNet”, a transdisciplinary Ocular Drug Delivery Network between WIT and established academic and industry stakeholders in the United States. Dr. Fitzhenry, who is a lecturer in Physical Chemistry in the Department of Science and a Principal Investigator in the Pharmaceutical and Molecular and Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBRC), will travel to the US in May to meet with leading researchers in ocular drug delivery, share expertise and identify opportunities for future collaborative activities. By developing a long-term cooperative with America’s leading researchers, OcuNet will significantly enhance Ireland’s global positioning in the ocular drug delivery arena. Ocular drug delivery is a key part of the PMBRC's drug delivery programme which uses polymer technologies to control and target drug release in the body.