IRDG Innovation Practice Group to visit PMBRC, EirGen and Q1 Scientific

PMBRC B32 lab

PMBRC laboratories at Waterford Institute of Technology

The Innovation Practice Group of the Industry Research and Development Group (IRDG) comes to Waterford on 03 December 2014. The meeting will be held in EirGen Pharma with tours of EirGen, Q1 Scientific and the PMBRC.  This unique visit is a great opportunity to see best practice examples of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Irish SME’s and Research Centres and to network with like-minded people and companies. Attendance is open to IRDG member companies and you can register for this event here.

EirGen Pharma is a speciality generics Pharma Company delivering high potency life-saving medicines to all levels of the global market based in Waterford.  Founded in 2005 EirGen Pharma has gone from strength to strength in less than 10 years.  The company now employs close to 80 people with ambitious plans for future expansion. EirGen Pharma has been very active in securing R&D funding in Ireland, availing of R&D Tax Credits and engaging in collaborative research in Ireland and the EU. Meet the founders of EirGen, Patsy Carney and Tom Brennan, see how they have grown the business and how they manage their Research & Innovation.  You will also experience a tour of the state of the art facility they have developed.   

Q1 Scientific is a start-up company located close to EirGen Pharma, established in 2013, and specialising in stability storage and sample management services.  Q1 Scientific is the only Irish company dedicated to providing outsourced controlled environment storage to the pharmaceutical sector.  You will also meet and visit the facility with their founder, Louise Grubb.   

The Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBRC) at WIT specialises in delivering solutions for industry in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors in areas such as drug delivery, process technology, biotechnology, biomedical and separation science. EirGen Pharma has collaborated with PMBRC on a number of projects. You will meet with key PMBRC personnel and an optional tour of their facilities will be available in the early afternoon.

High potency drug processing at EirGen Pharma, Waterford

Q1 Scientific

Stability chambers at Q1 Scientific, Waterford