Funding for Industrial Projects

The PMBRC has attracted over €2.7 million since 2008 for collaborations with Irish companies. Funding has come from national and European sources and from industry itself. Some of the schemes available to companies include:

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers

For small companies (<50 employees and <€10m turnover), the Innovation Voucher scheme is a great way to get involved with a research centre. Enterprise Ireland issues the voucher for up to €5000 and the company can use this to hire a knowledge provider (such as the PMBRC) to help solve a problem or develop a product. The PMBRC have successfully completed numerous innovation voucher projects and have a pipeline of ongoing projects with companies across Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnerships

For larger companies or more extensive projects, the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership scheme can provide significant funding for companies to engage in industrial research. Projects are typically of a 6 – 18 month duration. Grant levels range from 40 – 80% depending on the size of the company, the nature of the research and the ownership of intellectual property resulting from the partnership. The PMBRC have successfully completed Innovation Partnerships with MSD, Genzyme Ireland Ltd. and Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland, with other projects ongoing. 

IRC Enterprise Partnership Scheme

The Irish Research Council (IRC) run an enterprise partnership scheme which funds postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers to conduct industrial research in collaboration with a company. The company pays one third of the salary costs of the researcher. See the scheme website for further details.

European funding

The PMBRC have been successful in securing Euorpean funding through Framework Partnership 7 (FP7). FP7 has now been superceded by Horizon 2020 and a number of industry-academic partnerships are funded by this scheme. See the Irish Horizon 2020 website or contact us for more information.

Directly Funded Industry Projects

For contract analysis, urgent projects or where full intellectual property ownership is required, many companies opt to fund the research directly themselves.The PMBRC has delivered substantial projects for Pinewood Healthcare, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Waters Technologies in this way, along with numerous contract analysis jobs for over 50 companies.